The City Licensing, Inspection, and Permits Portal (CLIPP) allows home owners, contractors and general public conducting business in the City of Glendale to view and track details of various permits, licenses and planning cases online with a free user account. The portal user account email must be associated with the permit, license or a planning case in order to access project details and request inspections. General property information can be accessed on the City of Glendale Property Portal by Permit Number, Site Address or a Parcel Number.
The City Licensing, Inspection, and Permits Portal (CLIPP) provides the following online services:
  • Apply for a New Dog License
  • Renew Dog License with City issued Invoice number
  • Check Permit and Plan Check status
  • Check Inspection Results
  • Review Project related financial data
California licensed contractors and home owners will have access to the following additional services:
  • Apply for On-Line Building permits (Contractors only)
  • Please Note: Check the Online Permit Information PDF to see if your project qualifies for On-line Permit
  • Apply for a Contractors Business License
  • Request Inspections for Building and Fire Permits
  • Renew Contractors Business License
  • Cancel Inspections
  • Add Subcontractor to Issued Permits
City of Glendale Property Information Portal
This portal provides the general public with a free access to Planning, Building, Fire and City Clerk cases, permits and licenses. Please note that not all completed cases, permits and licenses are available on the portal at this time. You may contact the appropriate department to request copies of those records.